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No! We are not a temp agency. We are a marketplace platform for dental offices and professionals to contract directly with each other to fulfill shifts. Since we have simplified the process and replaced the traditional agencies with algorithms, GoTu’s platform connects dental professionals with offices that want to put their valuable skills to work!

Hygienists – Yes, you must have an active license and be in good standing with no derogatory marks.

Assistants – Each state has its own requirements to practice as a dental assistant. You must possess your state’s required licensing/certification(s) and be in good standing with no derogatory marks.

Download GoTu from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and complete the sign-up process (joingotu.com/app). Once completed, your account will be verified within five days and you’ll be able to start applying to shifts.

GoTu is committed to protecting the privacy of the digital community. Once the shift is confirmed, you will be able to access the dental office’s information. When you are confirmed, you will be able to see the office name, address and any additional notes the office has left. You can also message/call the office directly through the app as soon as you are confirmed.

If you accept a shift that turns out to be with an office that you would prefer not to work with, please cancel the shift immediately through the app. All professionals are afforded a 20-minute no questions asked grace period for this exact purpose. Any time you cancel a shift, we encourage you to reach out to GoTu Support at 786-460-2170 to discuss blocking the office and ensuring you maintain full platform access.

*Please note that the 20 minute grace period does not apply for same day shifts

  • Once you have accepted a shift, you’ve committed to completing the shift, and the dental office is counting on you. Any shift canceled with less than four days (96 hours) notice will result in a penalty on your account, resulting in a temporary account restriction. This restricts you from applying for any new shifts, but you are still able and obligated to work any already confirmed shifts.
  • Not showing up for a shift you have confirmed without notifying the office within 24 hours of your scheduled shift is considered a “No-call, No-show.” This is considered a breach of your agreement. Having 2 “No-call, No-shows” will result in being blocked from our platform.
  • If you cancel a shift within 24 hours of the start time, and there are future shifts scheduled at the same office, the office has the right to cancel the shift as a grace period to avoid risking a repeat incident. The professional will receive no compensation for a shift canceled by an office, IF they canceled a shift at the same office within 24 hours of the shift start time.
  • In the event of a total dental office closure for reasons beyond the control of the dental practice, including but not limited to infrastructural emergencies such as national emergencies, general building malfunctions and electrical, gas, and water damage, you will be paid 25% of your total days’ pay.
  • If the dental office cancels a confirmed shift between 96-24 hours before the shift, you will still be paid 25% of the booked pay for the inconvenience and lost work.
  • If the dental office cancels a confirmed shift within 24 hours of the shift, you will be paid 100% of the total day’s pay for the inconvenience and lost work, as you may not be able to find work during the same time slot otherwise.

  • You are still expected to work all scheduled shifts on your account unless otherwise informed by GoTu.
  • If your account is restricted and you fail to work a scheduled shift, it will be considered a “no-call, no-show” and will inflict further penalties with the potential of being blocked from using GoTu.
  • Shifts you applied to that the office still needs to confirm are considered pending. When restricted, pending shifts can be confirmed by the office and become scheduled shifts. In this event, you are still expected to work the now-scheduled shift.
  • Always contact support if you have questions about whether or not you are still expected to work a scheduled shift while restricted (786-460-2170).

GoTu offers dental professionals two payment options:

  1. Direct deposit: Dental professionals must have their bank account or debit card number on file for GoTu to successfully process payments. 24 hours after the shift has been completed GoTu will pay you via direct deposit. Once GoTu issues payment, it may take your bank 2-3 business days to process the direct deposit.
  2. Express pay: Dental professionals must have a debit card information on file and set as your default payment in order for GoTu to successfully issue an express payout. Once an office confirms the hours worked, or 24 hours have passed since the shift was completed (whichever comes first) payment will be issued and be available within 2 to 3 hours.

Example of Payout Schedule:

Day Worked Pay Released Estimated Arrival
Monday Tuesday Thursday-Friday
Tuesday Wednesday Friday-Saturday
Wednesday Thursday Saturday-Monday
Thursday Friday Monday-Tuesday
Friday Saturday Tuesday-Wednesday
Saturday Monday Wednesday-Thursday

* Pay is released 24 hours after completing a shift. Adjustments must be requested within that time.

* Adjustments may delay payout by an additional 24 hours.

* This schedule may vary due to bank holidays.

No, as an independent contractor, taxes are not withheld from your pay. There are many misconceptions about independent contractors in dentistry. With GoTu, our professionals choose their own days, hours, offices, and rate which satisfies the IRS requirements for being an independent contractor.

Taxes will be paid when you submit your tax return information and will not conflict with any W2 earnings from an office you work with directly.

GoTu provides credential management services by verifying your license and identification as part of creating your account. This requires a driver’s license or other state-approved ID, including passports.

We do this to provide the highest level of safety, protection, and professionalism to the dental offices contracting with independent contractors on the platform. No one but our verification team sees your ID.

Photos are not required, but they do help dental offices prepare for your arrival and know who to expect. You’re photo will be shared with dental offices when reviewing applications.

No, you are not required to enter payment/bank info to create your account. However, to collect your payment after a completed shift, you will need to enter your bank info, as all payments through the GoTu platform are completed electronically.

Absolutely! If you choose to accept an employment offer, please let us know so we can update our records (call or text 786‐460‐2170). We also offer reverse recruiting services if you’re interested in part‐time or full‐time opportunities in your area!

Your home address is the location in which you work and live. If you’d like to search other locations without changing your home address, you can use the address bar at the top of the “offers” page.

If the rate posted by a dental office does not match your standard working rate, you are encouraged to counter the offer by selecting the counter button on the shift post and requesting your standard rate. The office can accept or reject your counter.

You can set a custom radius for how far you are willing to travel, up to 50 miles from your home address. If you would like to set a larger radius, you can reach out to GoTu support for assistance.

Dental offices have five business hours if the shift is within three days and eight business hours if the shift is more than three days away for confirming shifts or responding to counter offers. If you no longer want to wait for confirmation or are unable to make it to the shift, you can withdraw without any account penalties at any time.

  • Things happen and sometimes an office needs to cancel. How much a dental professional is paid for the cancellation depends on when the office cancels, as outlined below.
  • If a shift is canceled 7+ days (168+ hours) before a shift, both the GoTu Booking Fee and Professional Pay charged upon confirmation will be refunded.
  • If a shift is canceled 5-7 days (96-168 hours) before a shift, the GoTu Booking Fee charged upon confirmation will not be refunded. However, 100% of the Professional Pay will be refunded.
  • If a shift is canceled 2-4 days (24-96 hours) before a shift, the GoTu Booking Fee charged upon confirmation will not be refunded. However, 75% of the Professional Pay will be refunded. The professional will be paid 25% of the total day pay.
  • If a shift is canceled 0-1 day (0-24 hours) before a shift, the GoTu Booking Fee and Professional Pay charged upon confirmation will not be refunded. The professional will be paid 100% of the total day pay.
  • If the dental office sends the professional home early through no fault of their own, they are still entitled to the originally scheduled hours pay. The professional will be paid 100% of the total day pay.
  • While GoTu makes every effort to provide pay to the dental professional in the event of a dental office cancellation, GoTu reserves the right to waive this payment if the cancellation is determined to be the result of a catastrophic event or force of nature.

Any shift adjustments should be made in the app and within 24 hours of the shift ending. After your shift is completed, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your GoTu account
  2. Once logged in, you’ll see a screen with the following options:
    • Rate the office
    • Adjust Hours
    • Confirm Hours
  3. Click on the “Adjust Hours” button to submit your adjusted hours

This process will prompt us to reach out to the office to confirm the hours you’ve adjusted.

Note* If a dental professional voluntarily leaves a confirmed shift early, they will only be paid for the time spent at the dental office.

We take the safety of our professionals seriously, which is why we require all our users to maintain adequate insurance coverage during each shift they work through our app. GoTu offers Occupational Accident Insurance (OAI) coverage to ensure you are protected in the event of an injury sustained during your GoTu shifts. OAI differs from Worker’s Compensation in that Worker’s Compensation can only be attached to an employer, while OAI can be purchased by and attached to an independent contractor. At GoTu, we offer you the flexibility to either purchase OAI that meets the minimum requirements through our platform or provide proof of your own OAI that meets the minimum requirements. If you prefer to opt-out of purchasing OAI through GoTu, simply contact our team at [email protected] to show proof of your personal OAI. For more information on this please read our Terms of Service, in the section ‘OCCUPATIONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE.’

To register as a dental professional on GoTu, you must be at least 18 years old.

During the registration process, we will request identification documents or other forms of age verification to ensure compliance with this requirement. This measure is in place to uphold the integrity and professionalism of our platform.

We can’t ensure compensation when you work at offices via verbal agreement. Make sure you are scheduled through GoTu so you are protected with insurance and your payment is secured.

At no time should a dental office independently request services a dental professional provides without using GoTu’s platform. If a dental office wishes to make an exception and hire a dental professional directly, they should contact support at (786) 460-2170 for approval.

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