Top GoTu Features for Dental Offices

In recent years, the dental industry has faced an unprecedented staffing shortage, presenting both operations and revenue challenges for dental practices. To help address this problem, offices can take advantage of GoTu’s online talent marketplace to maintain seamless functionality and quality patient care. 

Keep reading to learn how to maximize your dental office’s experience with the GoTu platform.


Dental offices can “favorite” up to 12 professionals on the GoTu platform. This feature streamlines the process of filling open shifts by allowing offices to send requests directly to their favorite professionals. To send requests, navigate to Offers > Open Shifts > Shift Details.

Building your favorites list is a breeze. You can either favorite a professional when you review their shift or do so retroactively on the Past Shift Details page. GoTu empowers offices to maintain a reliable pool of candidates to fill open shifts. 

Referral Program 

GoTu’s referral program allows you to refer other offices to join GoTu. When the referred office completes its first shift, the referring office will receive a gift card as a thank you from GoTu. 

By encouraging referrals, we can expand our network while also rewarding loyal users of the GoTu platform. This referral program is a testament to GoTu’s commitment to fostering a community of satisfied users and addressing the dental staffing shortage. 

Multi-Day Booking

Consider using multi-day booking to ensure seamless and consistent care when scheduling coverage for prolonged periods. This approach is especially effective when someone on your team takes an extended vacation or medical leave. By posting shifts together, you streamline the scheduling process and enhance the overall consistency of care the dental professional can provide. Booking the same professional for multiple shifts at your practice allows you to maximize your team’s efficiency and facilitate stronger communication and collaboration. 

In-App Communication 

Once a professional has been confirmed for your shift, you can utilize the message section within GoTu. This feature allows you to communicate important details with the professional, whether you are specifying a scrub preference, providing detailed directions, or simply building rapport preshift. By leveraging this capability, you not only streamline logistical arrangements but also lay the foundation for a productive and collaborative working relationship.

By utilizing GoTu features like favorites, the referral program, and multi-day bookings, dental offices can maintain high standards of patient care despite ongoing staffing shortages in the dental industry. The platform streamlines the scheduling process and fosters a sense of community among its users.

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