Tips to Help Dental Professionals Get the Most Out of GoTu


Welcome to the GoTu community! 

Joining GoTu gives you the power to work when and where you want for the price that you want. Continue reading for advice on how to make the most of your account and succeed as a dental professional on our platform.

Creating Your Account

To get started, create an account by entering your information here to download our app. Completing your account registration takes less than five minutes, and our team will verify your account within 24 hours. 

You can also download our app from Apple or Google Play and create your account directly in the app. 

Completing Your Profile

Once you are verified, you can start applying for shifts immediately. However, there are a few key items you may want to add to your profile to maximize your experience. Here are some suggestions for creating an effective profile: 

  • Add a profile picture: Dental offices want to know who is coming in to work their shift. Adding your profile picture will help offices remember you and make a good impression prior to your shift even starting. 
  • Fill out your skills and experience: Every dental office operates differently and is looking for certain skills and experiences. By filling out this section, you can find a better match and get your application confirmed faster. 
  • Add payment information: To ensure there is no delay in your payment, add your payment information to your account before you work your first shift. See below for additional information about payment options.

How to Use the Schedule Page

The schedule page will be your best friend in the GoTu app! This is a central place where you can view all past and future shifts, so you will never have to wonder when or where your next shift is. Shifts will be broken into the following categories on this page:

  • Pending Confirmation: Here, you can see all the shifts to which you have applied that are still pending confirmation from the dental office. You can also withdraw your application from these shifts on this page if your schedule changes. 
  • Scheduled: Here, you can view all upcoming confirmed shifts, including the office name, location, date, hours, and pay. 
  • Past: View all past shifts that you have worked, including the office name, location, date, and pay.
  • All: This view lets you see all pending, scheduled, and completed shifts. 

Setting Your Radius

Once you have added your address to the territory section of your profile, you can see all available shifts within a 50-mile radius. You can decrease or increase this radius, but 50 miles provides a good overview of the shifts available in your area. You can search for offers closer to home by filtering by distance on the Offers page. 

Applying for Shifts

Offices are frequently looking for dental hygienists and dental assistants to keep their practices running smoothly. Once you apply for a shift, the dental office will have 10-16 business hours to accept or decline your application before it expires. It’s important to remember that you do not have to wait for the office to accept or decline your application before applying for other shifts. 

To maximize your chances of being accepted, we encourage you to apply to as many shifts as possible that work with your schedule. Remember, applying for a posted job does not guarantee that you will be accepted for the shift. 

You also have the ability to make a counteroffer on any shift. If you see a shift that works with your schedule but the hourly rate is less than you usually make, you can submit a counteroffer for the office to review. Just keep in mind that once you place a counter-offer, that is considered your final working rate, and you will not be able to apply to that shift again for a lower rate. 

End-of-Shift Reviews

When using GoTu you are making a name for yourself! Go into every shift ready to put your best foot forward so dental offices remember your name the next time you apply for one of their shifts. At the end of every shift, the office is able to leave a review and submit a rating. Professionals with higher ratings have a better chance of being confirmed for future shifts on GoTu. 

You’re also able to leave reviews and ratings of the offices you work in. Make sure to do this, as GoTu uses your feedback to improve our user experience.

You and the office must also confirm your hours within 24 hours of the shift ending. After 24 hours, no changes can be made to the shift. 

How to Get Paid

As a dental professional, you have two options when it comes to getting paid: 

1. Express Pay: You must have a debit card stored on file and set as your default payment option in order for GoTu to successfully process an express payout. Once an office has confirmed the hours worked or 24 hours have passed since the shift was completed (whichever comes first), payment will be issued and will be available within two or three hours.

2. Standard Pay: For standard payouts, you must have your bank account on file for GoTu to successfully process payments. Twenty-four hours after the shift has been completed, GoTu will pay you via direct deposit. Once GoTu issues the payout, it may take your bank two or three business days to process the direct deposit. 

Being Proactive

If you have any questions regarding an upcoming shift, make sure to use the “contact office” button on the shift page to speak directly with the dental office. It’s best to do this as soon as the shift has been confirmed rather than waiting until the last minute. As soon as you’re notified that your application has been confirmed, open the app to check the name and address of the office and make sure you have all the information you need. 

App Notifications

Turning on all app notifications for GoTu is highly recommended so you never miss a new shift posted or a message from a dental office. 

Make sure to check your phone settings to confirm all notifications are on for the GoTu app!

Canceling a Job

If you need to cancel a confirmed shift, please make sure you do so immediately in the app and leave your reason for cancellation so it can be noted on your account. It’s important to give the dental office as much time as possible to find a new professional to fill that shift. Failure to show up for a confirmed shift without notice can have serious impacts on your account.

For additional information on commonly asked questions regarding GoTu head over to our FAQ page

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