Meet GoTu’s 2024 Professional Advisory Council 


We are thrilled to introduce the skilled and experienced dental professionals who make up the 2024 GoTu Professional Advisory Council. This group of individuals brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Together, we hope to propel GoTu to new heights by harnessing their collective insights and perspectives. 

Now, let’s meet the talented professionals who make up the 2024 GoTu Advisory Council.  

Chrissy Robins, RDH: From Michigan, Chrissy brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, with a 5-star rating on more than 20 shifts. In addition, Chrissy is one of the most active members of our GoTu Professionals Facebook group, helping to build the GoTu community. 

Danisha Bedminster, RDH: Licensed in New York, Danisha has a 5-star overall rating and loves to work with DSOs such as Tend. This is a true testament to the relationship professionals can have with dental offices by using GoTu. 

Erin Corbin, RDH: Erin has worked 200+ shifts using GoTu and has a 5-star rating. She frequently sends feedback to the customer service department, showing how professional insights can help us improve the GoTu platform. 

Lakesha Boone, RDH: Lakesha, who started her dental hygiene career in high school, has completed more than 65 shifts and has a 5-star rating with GoTu. She is a great example of how committed GoTu users are to the dental hygienist profession.

Lauren Hopkins, RDH: Lauren travels with her husband and uses the GoTu app to pick up shifts while he’s working. She has completed more than 65 shifts and has a 5-star overall rating. Lauren uses GoTu to work when and where she wants. 

Omari Bryant, DA: While Omari has only been using the GoTu platform for eight months, he has already completed more than 100 shifts and has a 5-star rating. He is also a content creator and barber, showing just how much the GoTu platform allows you to work on your own terms. 

Rose Schmieder, RDH: Rose has more than 11 years of experience working as a hygienist and is licensed in Ohio, California, and Florida. She has completed more than 40 shifts with a 4.9-star overall rating. Rose is a great example of using GoTu to continue to elevate her hygiene career.

Sonja Richards, RDH: After her son got braces, Sonja switched careers and became a dental hygienist. She has completed more than 50 shifts with GoTu and has a 5-star overall rating, which is a shining example of how GoTu can help advance careers.

Stephany Daniels, RDH: With 100+ shifts completed and a 5-star overall rating, Stephany is a prime example of the quality of professionals we have on the platform. She is licensed in DC, Nevada, and Florida. 

Vienna Walker, RDH: Vienna has completed more than 65 shifts in the North Carolina area with a 5-star rating. She is extremely passionate about patient care, especially when working in new offices. 

Through the invaluable insights and guidance of the council, we’re dedicated to refining and optimizing GoTu, ensuring it meets and exceeds dental professionals’ expectations. Together, we look forward to shaping a future where professionals have control over their careers.