How Company Core Values Shape the Success of an Organization With Dalton Handy


In a recent episode of “The High Performing Dental Team Podcast,” host Dayna Johnson, a renowned Dentrix trainer with over 30 years of experience and the founder of Novonee, welcomed Dalton Handy, the VP of Marketing for GoTu, a platform specializing in connecting dental professionals with flexible work opportunities. 

The conversation delved into GoTu’s rebranding, core values, and commitment to exceptional customer service, offering insights into how the platform is simplifying the process of finding temporary and permanent staff for dental practices across the country.

Rebranding to Better Serve the Dental Industry

Formerly known as TempMee, GoTu rebranded to better reflect its expanded services beyond temporary staffing. Dalton explained that while temporary staffing remains a core aspect of the company, they also excel in permanent recruiting, helping over a thousand people find permanent positions every year. The name change was a strategic move to differentiate themselves from traditional temp agencies and better align with their mission of being the go-to solution for dental staffing needs.

Aligning the Brand With GoTu’s Core Values 

One of the standout aspects of GoTu is its strong commitment to core values, which Dalton shared during the podcast. These values, including “It’s Your Ship,” “Hard Work Doesn’t Have to Be Serious,” “Leave It Better,” “True Believer,” and “Whatever It Takes,” form the foundation of GoTu’s culture. Dalton emphasized that these values are aspirational and rooted in the company’s authenticity, shaping how they operate and interact with clients and professionals alike.

Exceptional Customer Service and Future Plans

Customer service is a key focus for GoTu, with a dedicated team based in Miami ensuring that offices feel heard, valued, and taken care of. Dalton highlighted their plans to introduce a 24-hour support model to accommodate different time zones and provide even greater value to their users.

Simplifying Staffing with High Fill Rates

GoTu has an impressive fill rate of over 50% for posted shifts, significantly higher than traditional methods. The platform’s ease of use allows dental offices to quickly post shifts, receive applications, and confirm professionals, all within minutes. Dalton mentioned this efficiency is a game-changer for dental practices facing staffing shortages.

Aligning with Values-Driven Partners

Dayna and Dalton also discussed the importance of partnering with companies that align with their values. Dayna emphasized that she only recommends products and solutions that match her core values and commended GoTu for sharing similar values.

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About Dayna Johnson

Dayna Johnson has over 30 years of experience in helping dental offices transition to paperless systems. As a former dental office manager and Certified Dentrix Trainer, she provides straightforward assessments and helps clients increase profitability. Dayna has received prestigious honors, taught Dentrix seminars nationwide, and authored the national blog for dental office managers. Her expertise in going chartless helps practices implement efficient systems and comply with HIPAA requirements.