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As a dental professional in Dallas, Texas, you know just how challenging it is to find temporary work that matches your skills and schedule. Traditional agencies may not always have up-to-date information or the flexibility you need. Enter GoTu, a dental talent marketplace designed to let you work on your terms.

Why Choose GoTu?

GoTu is a modern solution for dental hygienists, assistants, and associate dentists looking for temporary work. With our user-friendly app, you can easily browse and apply for dental jobs in Dallas and the surrounding areas with just a few clicks.

  • Flexibility: Choose when, where, and for what rate you work
  • Variety: Work in a variety of dental settings including private practice, DSOs, and multi-private practices.
  • Easy to Use: Apply for shifts, counter-offer rates and hours, and communicate with offices directly through the app.

How GoTu Works

Getting started with GoTu is simple, create a profile on the app with your name, address, phone number, experience, and license information. Once your profile has been verified by one of our onboarder, you can start applying for dental shifts that match your needs and wants.

When a dental office posts a shift in your area, you’ll receive notifications if you’re a good match. From there you can review job details, counter rates, and accept or decline shifts. Whether you’re seeking temporary work to fill gaps in your schedule or seeking new avenues for career growth, GoTu offers you a convenient marketplace to connect with dental offices.

Average Dental Hygienist Pay in Dallas, Texas

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the average hourly rate for Dental Hygienists in the Dallas area is $43.06 per hour. However, these rates can vary depending on location, skills, experience, and other factors.

Metro Area Avg Hourly Rate Avg Annual Wage
Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington $43.06 $89,570

The Average Dental Hygienist Pay For GoTu Professionals in Dallas, Texas

Hygienists using GoTu make an average of 23% more per hour in the Dallas area, making GoTu paramount in advancing your dental hygienist career.

Metro Area Avg Hourly Rate
Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington $50-55

Average Dental Assistant Pay in Dallas

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hourly rate for dental assistants in Dallas, TX is $21.85.

Metro Area Avg Hourly Rate Avg Annual Wage
Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington $21.85 $45,440

The Average Dental Assistant Pay for GoTu Professionals in Dallas, Texas

Dental assistants using GoTu earn over 10% more on average in the Dallas area, joining GoTu is your opportunity to maximize your earnings while advancing your career.

Metro Area Avg Hourly Rate
Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington $21-26

Looking for Temp Dental Professionals?

If you’re a dental office struggling with the dental staffing shortage, look no further than GoTu. Keep your chairs full and revenue up, with temporary or permanent dental assistants and hygienists. Learn more about what we can do for your practice here.

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