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If you manage a dental office in Dallas, Texas, you know that when one person doesn’t show up to work, it can throw off your operations.

Getting a temporary into your office is critical, but finding a qualified person is challenging.

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Finding the Right Dental Temp Agency

If you Google “dental temp agency Dallas,” plenty of dental temporary agencies will pop up. They are busy places where one or two recruiters may spend the day frantically looking for temporaries for the offices they serve.

These offices may have an impressive number of dental professionals in their database. However, some of the information may not be up to date. Because these offices are so busy, they often do not have the time to keep things like phone numbers and addresses up to date.

Dental Temp Agency in Ft Lauderdale

More importantly, they may fail to check that professional licenses are up to date. An unlicensed worker can cause problems for a business if they treat someone in your office.

The agency may have to call each individual to see if they are available to work that day, and that can be very time-consuming. When you use a dental staffing agency, you may not get a dental professional into the office that day.

If they send you someone you like, you may want to bring that person on full-time. Unfortunately, a temporary agency will charge you a fee if you hire that person permanently.

Why TempMee Can Help You

The TempMee app is a great alternative to traditional dental staffing agencies. It allows dentists’ offices to get a dental professional to the office as easily as they would get an Uber.

To get started, dental offices must visit the TempMee homepage and fill out a profile form. It will ask for the name, address, and phone number of the office along with its hours. Once an office’s information is verified, they can start posting jobs.

Dental Temp Agency in Ft Lauderdale

When a dental professional wants to sign up for the service, they will create a profile. The profile will ask for certain information such as:

  • Name Address
  • Phone number
  • Years of experience
  • Licensure information

Temporaries can look for both permanent and temporary work on the app.

How it Works

When a dentist’s office in Dallas or the rest of North Texas has a job, they simply fill out a detailed job form on the TempMee app. The job form will ask for information such as the start and end date of the job, the pay rate, and the licenses required. The app has one of the largest databases of registered dental hygienists you will find anywhere.

When a temporary wants to work, they set themselves to available on the app. The app notifies them about any jobs for which they are qualified in the area. If a professional accepts a job, the dentist’s office will get their information. Dental practices must approve the temporary before they are sent to the office to work.

If a temporary is interested in a job but wants more pay, the app offers the ability for the dental practice and the temporary to negotiate with each other. Once there is a match, the dental temporary will simply go to the office and start to work. Nothing could be easier.

Everyone in your office works hard to give your patients a seamless experience. Your day should never be disrupted when someone calls out sick.

The sooner you sign up, the sooner you can enjoy the convenience of on-demand dental staffing. So what are you waiting for? Get started with TempMee today!
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