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Finding a temporary dental professional in the city of West Palm Beach, Florida just got a whole lot easier because of a new service called TempMee.

TempMee is an app used by dental office managers searching for a last-minute temporary, a long-term temporary, or even a full-time employee.

It works like a ride-sharing app except that instead of a car arriving at your business to take you somewhere, a temporary staff member will arrive to work for the day.

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Providing West Palm Beach With Dental Staff

There are 14,000 practicing dentists in Florida and 30,000 licensed staff members in this state, and TempMee aims to connect them to each other. It is our goal to make traditional dental staffing agencies obsolete.

Dental temps are very in demand in the U.S. There is only a 1% unemployment rate among hygienists. The hygienists who work on a temporary basis often do so by choice.

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A hygenist can pick and choose their assignment, and if you want your office to run smoothly, you want hygienists to pick you first.

When you use the TempMee site, any dental temporary looking to work that day will see the job the second you post it. An interested temp will get back to you right away.

Hygienists love TempMee because it is easy to use, does not charge fees, and lists multiple jobs every day. You will love the user-friendly app. We verify the dental professionals’ credentials and make sure their licenses are current and in good standing.

Get Started In Three Easy Steps

When you want to hire a dental professional through TempMee, simply do the following:

  1. Click on the sign-up dropdown and select “dentist’s offices.”

  2. Fill out a simple form and submit it.

  3. Post your first job.

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TempMee – Revolutionizing Dental Staffing

If you can use Uber, you can Use TempMee; it is that easy. When a dental professional sees your job, they will have the option of accepting or denying it.

If someone is interested in the position, they will accept, counter, or decline the offer. If they accept the offer, you will get final approval. If you approve of them, they will come right to your office.

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If they counter the offer, that basically means they are interested, but they want more money. You can decide whether or not you would like to offer that amount of money to them. You will never be billed until you approve of the worker.

You can prioritize your candidates by the level of experience that they have, how soon they can start, or how close they are to you. Our system is designed to make everything easier for both the dental office and the dental professional.

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