Ways to Utilize GoTu as a Dental Practice

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The dental industry is facing an unprecedented staffing shortage that is affecting the productivity and profitability of dental offices. Dental staffing solutions such as GoTu are paramount in relieving the shortage and ensuring your office stays fully functional. 

Here are some tips for maximizing your experience with GoTu as a dental practice. 

  • Plan: When possible, plan ahead for team members’ absences and upcoming influxes of patients to post open shifts in advance. This way, you have a higher chance of the shift being filled by a professional who matches your specific wants and needs.
  • Last-minute help: For last-minute call-outs or no-shows, utilize GoTu so you don’t have to cancel on your patients. Keep your patients satisfied and your chairs full. 
  • Add relevant information: In the portal, outline any relevant information about the shift, including designated parking or permits, and provide clear guidelines for attire and safety gear. A comprehensive overview equips the professional with essential resources and information to excel during their shift. 
  • Take advantage of multi-day booking: When arranging coverage for extended leaves, try posting multi-day shifts together for consistent care. This works better for longer periods like vacations or medical leave. 
  • Earn extra money with our referral program: Invite other dental offices to use GoTu and receive an e-gift card after they post their first shift.
  • “Favorite” professionals for easy access: You can favorite professionals after working with them to give them better access to future shifts at your practice. Shifts will be auto-confirmed when a favorited professional applies at the posted rate. 
  • Utilize your account managers: Your GoTu account manager will be your main point of contact and the best resource for you to get the most out of the platform. They can provide their expert opinion on staffing trends and how to maximize your experience. 

Implementing these strategies can help optimize the use of GoTu within your dental practice, ensuring seamless staffing solutions and bolstering your office’s operational efficiency during challenging staffing shortages.

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