Using Social Media to Boost Your Dental Practice

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Social media platforms play an important role in the daily lives of many Americans. Countless companies spanning various industries have embraced social media to attract fresh clientele and enhance their brand visibility. Unsurprisingly, the dental sector is no stranger to this trend.  

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of social media, which platforms to use, and dental marketing ideas for dental offices to boost their practice. 

Benefits of Using Social Media 

Building a social media presence for your dental office can benefit your practice and enhance the patient experience. Some of the benefits of digital marketing for dentists and dental practices include: 

  • Reach more patients: The majority of your existing and potential customers are already active on social media platforms. You can connect with a diverse audience, including people who are looking for a new dental office, by posting and engaging across various channels. Maintaining an active presence on social media can lead to an uptick in new patients. 
  • Cost-effective solution: Social media differs from paid marketing channels like TV advertising or sponsored search results. You can cultivate a social media following, share content, and execute a marketing strategy without spending a dime. Even if you decide to invest in paid social media advertising, this is typically a lower-cost option than other paid methods. 
  • Increase brand awareness: You can increase your brand awareness by having an active social media presence. This can lead to more referrals, new patients, and improved patient loyalty. You should highlight why your dental office stands out from the competition, letting potential patients know why they should choose your dental practice. 
  • Increase website traffic: When you share links on your social media accounts that link back to your website, you can increase your website traffic. New and current patients can learn more about your practice and even schedule an appointment once they are on your site, pushing them farther down the marketing funnel. 

Social Platforms for Dental Practices 

When deciding which social media platforms to use for your dental practice, it’s important to know which platforms your customers are using and what type of content does best on each one. Below are a few popular social media platforms and what content you should post. 

  • Facebook: As one of the pioneering platforms for social media marketing for dental practices, it is highly recommended to maintain an active Facebook page to attract new patients and keep existing ones engaged with your brand.The platform’s versatility allows you to post both text and visuals, making it ideal for sharing patient testimonials, important announcements, fun contests, photos and videos, and more. 
  • Instagram: This platform is an excellent way to tell your story and document your dental practice visually. Some dental Instagram post ideas are dental awareness days, fun facts about oral hygiene and its history, and even profiles of your staff and patients. Instagram stands out as one of the most commonly used platforms for dental offices. With a younger demographic typically active on the platform, it can be great for acquiring new patients. 
  • LinkedIn: As a platform designed for professional networking, LinkedIn can effectively serve as a marketing tool for dentists. Whether you’re a practice owner or a dentist, this platform offers the opportunity to establish yourself as a thought leader in the dental community. As a dental professional, you can share insights you have accumulated throughout the years, discuss news and trends, and share exciting developments within your practice. 
  • YouTube: Creating and publishing YouTube videos can increase your brand recognition and establish credibility with your patients. Without the time constraints of other social media platforms, you can post long-form videos such as webinars, patient testimonials, or even a virtual office tour. 

Social Media Ideas for Dental Practices

Creating social media content can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are just a few social media ideas for your dental practice. Remember, consistency is key to maintaining an active and engaged social media presence. Tailor these ideas to fit your practice’s style and audience preferences, and don’t hesitate to experiment with different content types to see what resonates the most.

  • Before and Afters: One of the most important things you should post on social media is before and after photos. With your patients’ permission, showcase successful dental transformations and the positive change you brought to your patients’ lives.
  • FAQ: To demonstrate your expertise, address common dental questions and concerns through engaging social posts or short videos. These can be questions that your patients have asked you or ones you commonly see on the internet, or you can ask your followers for ideas. 
  • Giveaways: Increase your social media engagement by giving away something to one of your followers, such as an electric toothbrush, a brushing timer, or a toothpaste tube squeezer. Ask them to share the post or tag their friends for additional entries to expand your impressions and engagement. 
  • Promotions: If your dental office has any promotions or specials going on, make sure to promote them on various social media platforms. Use a call to action (CTA) to help increase engagement and new patients. 
  • Dental Hygiene Tips and Facts: Share interesting facts about oral health, common misconceptions, and the importance of regular dental check-ups. You can also boost engagement by asking followers to guess the answers to trivia questions related to these facts. 
  • Patient Reviews: Showcase patient testimonials that highlight why your followers should choose your dental practice. Utilize tools like Canva for visuals. For lengthier testimonials, spotlight the key points for maximum impact.
  • Celebration Posts: Showcase special days that align with your practice. For instance, if you run a pediatric dental practice, you can create social media campaigns during days like National Tooth Fairy Day. These posts can enhance recognition for both your practice and the celebratory day. Additionally, you can tie these posts to promotions or contests to boost your engagement.

Whether you are a private practice or a DSO, creating and growing your social media presence can help level up your dental practice