Top Ways to Find Dental Hygienist Jobs and Part-Time Opportunities


Dental hygienists are in high demand across the U.S. Whether you’re looking to supplement a full-time position with extra shifts or build a flexible schedule from scratch, you have options when advancing your career as a dental professional. Temporary and part-time dental hygienist jobs have increased in popularity since they offer hygienists an opportunity to increase their income and work on their own terms. 

In this blog, we will explore some of the top ways to find part-time dental hygienist positions to maximize income potential and advance your career. 

Dental Staffing Marketplaces

Consider signing up with a dental staffing marketplace such as GoTu (formerly TempMee) to find short-term dental jobs. Such apps often allow greater location and scheduling flexibility—ideal for anyone searching for part-time or temporary employment opportunities. Add your credentials, set your radius, and immediately begin browsing available shifts in your area. 

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Dental Staffing Agencies

Utilizing dental staffing agencies offers temporary and part-time dental hygienists reliable support in finding positions. These agencies specialize in connecting dental professionals with dental practices looking for temporary staff. Using these agencies, hygienists can access opportunities that suit their availability and preferences. 

Online Job Boards

Online job boards such as Indeed and Glassdoor can provide great tools for discovering dental hygienist jobs. You can search for part-time opportunities and also set job alerts for when new listings that fit your criteria become available. Be sure to create an eye-catching dental hygienist resume and cover letter in order to stand out for prospective employers!


Establishing contacts within the dental industry can be an invaluable way of finding part-time dental hygienist jobs. Attending local association meetings, conferences, or events, or even temping at a dental office, is a great way to meet other dental professionals and employers to learn about opportunities that might not otherwise be advertised. 

Contacting Local Dental Offices

Sometimes, the easiest and fastest way to secure a dental hygienist job is to reach out directly to dental offices in your area. Send your resume to the office manager or practice owner with a thoughtful cover letter outlining why you are interested in working for that specific dental office. 

Social Media and Online Communities

Join dental hygiene professionals’ social media groups, forums, and communities on various platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Social media platforms provide great opportunities for networking while simultaneously allowing you to keep tabs on job opportunities posted by dental practices. 

Establish an Online Presence

Having a professional online presence is extremely important in today’s job market. Establish a strong LinkedIn profile that can showcase your experience, availability, and any specializations or certifications that set you apart from the competition. 

Contact Dental Schools and Clinics

Dental schools may offer part-time hygienist opportunities that include caregiving, teaching assistance, or conducting research. Reaching out to these establishments can help you in your job-hunting experience. 

Whether you are an experienced or new dental hygienist, there are multiple strategies available to you for finding part-time dental hygienist jobs to supplement your income or work on your own terms. Joining dental staffing marketplaces, perusing online job boards, and networking with dental offices can be extremely helpful in finding the positions that work best for you.