Tips to Help Dental Practices Get the Most Out of GoTu


Having a fully staffed dental office can be challenging in today’s competitive job market. However, you don’t have to let the dental staffing shortage affect your productivity. By utilizing GoTu to fill your open shifts with high-quality dental professionals, you can focus on delivering outstanding care to your patients while also achieving financial success. 

Whether you’re looking for temporary dental staff or need a dental recruiting service to find a permanent addition to your team, we’ve got you covered.

Continue reading to learn how to maximize your GoTu account to increase productivity, enhance your patient’s experience, and avoid revenue loss due to unfilled shifts at your dental practice. 

Enhance Your GoTu Profile

Creating your GoTu account is quick and easy. You can create your account in less than five minutes and have access to countless dental professionals near you. Below are a few tips to help make sure your account is set up for success.

  • State whether you are a private practice or a DSO: By specifying your practice type, you can ensure that our dental professionals choose shifts that align with their career goals, work style, and professional aspirations. This ultimately leads to a better fit and a more successful working relationship. 
  • Include patient volume expectations: Specifying the expected or average patient load can ensure a smoother workflow, increased patient satisfaction, and successful collaboration between the dental professional and the dental office. 
  • Specify the software used at your practice: Temp professionals already familiar with your software can seamlessly integrate into the practice without requiring training or onboarding. This leads to a higher level of productivity and quality of care.
  • Identify your point of contact: Adding your contact information will help speed up the process if GoTu needs to reach out to confirm payments, adjust shifts, or approve schedules.
  • Take advantage of notes: Add important notes or details, such as parking information or uniform requirements, to the dental office notes section. This will ensure a smooth start to the temp’s work day at your dental practice. 

Additional Benefits through Our Mobile App

By downloading the GoTu app, dental offices can access various features that enhance convenience, efficiency, and productivity when attracting dental professionals to pick up shifts.

  • Post and manage shifts on the go: Manage your posted shifts, review applications, and communicate with dental professionals anytime from anywhere. Remember, applications expire after five business hours, and professionals are in high demand, so it is important to confirm your shifts in a timely manner.
  • Stay updated with push notifications: Get notified of new applications, shift confirmations, or changes to your shift postings. Our push notifications are real-time reminders that keep you actively engaged with your account activity.
  • Manage your schedule: Conveniently access and manage your schedule, allowing for efficient scheduling and organization. Your schedule includes the following components:
    • Scheduled Professionals: Double-check who is scheduled for upcoming shifts. Once the shift time has started, you can view the shift in the “past shifts” section or on the dashboard.  
    • Active Shifts: Active shifts are postings that a professional has not yet picked up. This feature allows you to quickly go in and increase rates if you have a fast-approaching shift that has not been picked up yet. 
    • Past Shifts: These are all shifts that have been completed. Here, you can favorite and review professionals and adjust hours. 
  • In-app direct messaging: Communicate directly with your scheduled dental professional through your inbox prior to the shift. The professional will be immediately alerted of your message and vice-versa. 

Posting Shifts

You can post up to five shifts without adding a payment method. However, you will need to add payment information before confirming any applications or posting additional shifts. When posting temp shifts, you have two options: 

  1. Request a Temp – This option is for when you are only looking for one day of coverage.
  2. Book Multi-Day – This option allows you to post multiple shifts all at once. 

Multiple Offices

There is no need to worry if your dental practice has multiple offices. At GoTu, you can merge all your accounts and have all offices under one login. You can access all of the offices from your mobile device, easily switching between them. 

To merge your offices in your GoTu account, call or text our customer support department at (786) 460-2170. 

Reviews and Confirmation of Hours

After every shift, leave a review for the professional. GoTu takes these reviews very seriously and greatly appreciates your feedback. If you have any urgent concerns regarding the professional, text or call us at (786) 460-2170. 

You must also confirm the hours worked and any shift adjustments within 24 hours of the shift ending. This helps us pay the professional in a timely manner.

Adding a Payment Method

Unlike many traditional agencies, the dental professionals’ pay will be automatically processed through GoTu along with our service fee. All you have to do is add a payment method! You can choose between adding a credit card or a bank account, although we recommend using a bank account to avoid the 3.5% credit card convenience fee. 

Rescheduling or Canceling Shifts

If a scheduled professional cancels their confirmed shift, there’s no need to worry. We will automatically repost the shift to find a replacement. Once we do, they will be automatically placed on the shift. 

In the rare occurrence that we cannot find a replacement, your office will be refunded all charges associated with the shift. 

If you need to cancel a shift, review our cancellation policy. 

  • Grace period: If you cancel a shift within 20 minutes of posting it, you will receive a full refund. 
  • Canceling 100 days – 73 hours before a shift: You can cancel but will not be refunded the booking fee, as it’s non-refundable in cancellations outside of the grace period. 
  • Canceling 25 – 72 hours before a shift: You will be charged 25% of the dental professionals’ pay as well as the non-refundable booking fee. The professional will then be paid the 25% for the inconvenience. 
  • Canceling less than 24 hours before the shift: You will be charged 100% of the dental professional’s pay as well as the non-refundable booking fee. The professional will be paid the full shift amount for the inconvenience and short notice. 

Receiving Counter Offers

Professionals can submit counter-offers for their hourly rate and shift hours. Typically, when a professional submits a rate counteroffer, it’s because they have extensive experience or the shift has been posted with short notice. On average, a rate counteroffer will only increase your total charge by $30-$40. 

Favorite Professionals

If you have a great experience with a professional and want them back for future shifts, GoTu can help make this happen! 

Through our “favorites” feature, you can add up to 10 favorite dental professionals. Then, you can send future shifts directly to your favorites. If a favorited professional accepts an invite, they will be automatically confirmed for the shift.  Purple hearts will identify your favorite professionals, and professionals can identify offices that have favorited them by seeing purple houses.

If you still have questions about maximizing your GoTu account, check out our frequently asked questions or reach out to our fantastic customer success team.