The #1 App for Dental Hygienists

#1 App for Dental Hygienists

Being a temp hygienist has never been easier! The TempMee app makes it fast, convenient, and simple to accept open temp hygienist shifts near you! Every day more and more hygienists & dental offices are signing up and creating a TempMee account- so why aren’t you??  Here are some of the top reasons why an increasing number of hygienists are using TempMee and loving it!

1. No Obligation to Accept a Minimum Number of Shifts to Hold an Account

  • Decline as many shifts as you need to – it won’t affect your ability to accept future shifts.
  • Only take shifts on your schedule– no stressing yourself out to make yourself available when you really aren’t.

2. You Set the Rate You Work For!

  • Counter Offer is Key If you don’t like the rate an office posted a shift for, counteroffer to request a higher hourly rate!

3. TempMee Hygienists are the 1st to be Offered Permanent Positions!

  • 1st Notice-When an office in your area is looking to hire a hygienist for a permanent position, hygienists in the TempMee Community get the opportunity offered to them before we perform outreach to the other hygienists in the area.

 4. You Receive Your Full Hourly Rate, We Don’t Take a Penny!

  • Unlike other apps that offer you work on demand- we don’t take a single percentage of the money you earn.
  • If you work a 9-hour shift for $40/hour = You receive the full $360!

 5. Temping Gets You in the Door Quickly, Skip the Lengthy Hiring Process!. 

  • That means money in your pocket sooner rather than later. 
  • You’ll also be able to “test-drive” multiple offices-See how they handle their Covid-19 safety measures and then determine which office you might consider working full-time for in the future.

The dental staffing revolution you’ve been waiting for is here
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