Quick-Start Guide for New Hygienists

Quick Guide for New Hygienists

Get Hands-On Experience & Test-Drive Offices with the TempMee App

There are thousands of newly graduated dental hygienists on the TempMee app! They love how the app gives them control of where and when they work, even allowing them to request more per hour with the counteroffer feature.

Download the TempMee app here: https://joingotu.com/app/

One hygienist told us how she used the app to “test-drive” local offices until she found one with the culture she was looking for. Once she did, she asked if she could work there full-time. TempMee called the office and confirmed the need for a full-time RDH, and they hired her within a few weeks since they mutually enjoyed working together!

After all, what’s the best way to get over imposter syndrome? Put in the hours and work until you feel comfortable. With the TempMee app, you can easily do this at multiple local dental offices, allowing you to gain experience without the long-term stress of knowing you will be at this office for the rest of your career should you not find it a suitable working environment.

More experienced hygienists use the TempMee app to work fully autonomously, choosing the shifts that fit into their lives and countering for higher wages than they have ever earned. As a newly licensed RDH, you can use the TempMee app to work like a veteran RDH. You may find that taking shifts around your schedule and counter-offering gives you more freedom to pursue other interests while still earning amazing money to support yourself.

Let us know in the comments how you use the TempMee app and what you think could help you have even more control over your work schedule.

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