Including GoTu on Your Resume

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The GoTu talent marketplace provides you with a unique opportunity to refine your skills and network with dental practices and other professionals. But how do you take full advantage of being part of the GoTu community when looking for your dream position?

Here are some of our tips on how to include GoTu experiences on your resume. 

1. Be strategic: Incorporate your GoTu experience strategically into your resume. Highlight what you have learned and what is measurable about your experience. This will show employers just how valuable you are. 

Example: Saw an average of X patients per day, increasing productivity by X%.

2. Showcase your skills: Highlight specific skills and competencies you gained using GoTu, whether you have received advanced training, learned specialized techniques, or gained industry insights that help you level up as a dental professional.

Example: Skilled in Periodontics with an emphasis on patient education and corrective care. 

3. Quantify your efforts: When possible, quantify the impact of your work. Include any metrics or achievements from your efforts, such as increased patient satisfaction, improved efficiency, or successful implementation of new policies.  

Example: Successfully implemented new sterilization processes, increasing productivity by X%.

4. Highlight networking and collaboration: Emphasize the experiences you gained through GoTu, such as networking and collaboration. Showcasing any collaborations or partnerships you established through the community can show your adaptability in diverse settings. 

5. Share your learning: Show your commitment to continuous learning and professional growth by including any skills learned or specialized training you received through GoTu shifts. This will demonstrate your dedication to staying updated with industry trends. 

6. Include references: Include references from colleagues to show your credibility and dedication to the dental industry.

7. Keep it relevant: Tailor your resume to align with the specific requirements of the job you are applying for. Emphasize parts of your GoTu experience that directly relate to the position, showcasing relevant skills. 

Rather than simply listing your experience with GoTu, articulate how being part of the GoTu community has enriched your skills, knowledge, and professional network, making you an ideal candidate for your dream job.