How to Prevent Dental Office Manager Burn Out

Dental Office Manager Burn Out

As a Dental Office Manager, you have more on your plate than you can begin to explain. 

Between coaching, scheduling, payroll, meetings, training new hires, and being the point of contact for everything in the office- it all becomes quickly overwhelming and exhausting. 

You need a quick win, something in your day-to-day that won’t take up a lot of your time and solve the problems that take up even more time in the office. That’s why we created TempMee to allow you to instantly connect with dental staff when your office needs it!

Dental Professional Shortage

Being short-staffed on dental professionals in your office is a monkey wrench in your daily operations schedule. It throws every part of the day off, now you have to go out of your way to contact a temp agency, hope they get back to you with a temp, and then pay their ridiculous fee and wait for them to come in. Most of the time, you don’t get a temp, so now you have to call each patient they would see one by one and reschedule them, or move them around to other professionals on your team and add to their already full plate too!

You’re either frustrating patients when you reschedule or frustrating your loyal staff who have full schedules already, and you’re not helping them by squeezing in more patients!

Great, now you’re the “bad guy” of the office. The dentist is upset because patients were rescheduled or even canceled, which means lost revenue from those scheduled procedures. Or your team is upset at you because you were forced to squeeze more procedures into their already full hygiene day. It’s unfair when trying to make the best out of a bad situation, but this is a reality of your role, so you need to be prepared to avoid this situation.

TempMee Makes Dental Staffing a Breeze!

Posting your temp and permanent staffing needs to the TempMee platform instantly alerts all local dental professionals of your opportunity. When one of them accepts your offer, you will instantly connect with a verified dental professional ready to work at your office on the given date. 

With TempMee taking care of dental staffing, you can focus more time & energy on other aspects of your role, which goes a long way to alleviate feelings of being burnt out.

Save yourself the frustration of calling your sub-list or temp agency and know you are covered by TempMee and that we do everything we can to match you with a local dental professional. We align our business goals with your own, so your office doesn’t pay anything unless we match you with a temp dental professional.

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If you’re a dental office manager who’s starting to feel “burnt out,” consider trying a service like TempMee to make things more manageable overall. Your dentist will be proud you found an inexpensive solution to their office’s staffing shortage, and your team will be happy that you aren’t double booking them since you have the extra hands your office needs through TempMee. You will feel more stress-free and less “burnt out” since TempMee took care of all your staffing-related tasks when you requested a temp to cover an upcoming/unexpected absence!

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