5 Tips to Help You Make More Money with GoTu!

Tips to Make More Money with TempMee!

Congratulations on creating your GoTu account! You are on your way to making your own temp schedule by accepting open shifts in your area on the GoTu app! Now, follow these 5 tips our most experienced GoTu hygienists use to help them make more money with the GoTu app.

      1. Counter Offer Shifts that are Close to their Shift Date:

  • Dental Offices want to fill their shifts, and are much more likely to accept a counter offer when the shift date is approaching in a few days. Counter offering at $3-5 more than the original rate is the best way to request more and actually have it accepted by a dental office.

     2. Be Available for Shifts on Monday-Thursday

  • Dental Offices most frequently need temp hygienists for Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. If your schedule allows you to be available these days then you are in a better position to have the most options available to you for work on the GoTu app. 

     3. Expand your Opportunities

  • It’s very likely that there are multiple Dental Offices in your region that are just outside of your set 25-mile work radius.
  • Adding another radius that overlaps with new dental offices will allow you to see more options for shifts that you can accept and fill. 
  • Contact Customer Support for assistance with expanding your work area: 786-460-2170

     4. Be Flexible!

  • Sometimes an office might not offer a rate that is as competitive as you are used to accepting; but you will make more money working a shift on a day off for less than usual then not working one at all!

     5. Always Act Professionally and Respectfully at a Dental Office

  • We know we don’t have to remind you to be the best version of yourself when temping at a dental office, but making sure you leave a great impression greatly increases the likelihood the office will leave you a 5-star review on the GoTu app. 
  • The higher your hygienist rating, the more likely a dental office will confirm you and accept your counter offers!
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