5 Tips to Help Dental Offices Fill Shifts on TempMee

Tips to Help Dental Offices Fill Shifts on TempMee

Congratulations on creating a TempMee account! You are now a part of the TempMee Community and ready to start experiencing the ease and simplicity of using the TempMee app to fill open shifts at your office. Now, be sure to pay close attention to these following tips as they will increase the fill rate of your posted shifts!

     1. Money Talks/ Make sure your rate is competitive!

  • It is always recommended that you set your hourly pay rate at a slightly higher rate than your region’s average; doing so makes your posted shifts more likely to fill compared to other shifts posted in your area.

     2. Post your shifts as far in advance as possible!

  • Many hygienists prefer to create their temp schedule two weeks in advance, so always post your shift as soon as you know you will need a temp! The longer it’s on the app, the more it’s seen and the more likely it will be accepted by a hygienist.

     3. Provide as much information about your office as possible!

  • Hygienists want to know what software you use at your office and how many patients you expect them to see per hour. Including these and other key details in your Office Bio will allow them to see this information and clears up a lot of hesitation they may have from accepting shifts at your office

     4. Treat your temp hygienist well and you’ll get more hygienists!

  • We know all  Dental Offices strive for professionalism and a safe work environment, but due to the shortage of hygienists, it is important to make them feel welcome and valued! Offices that make sure to do this, usually receive 5-star reviews from hygienists and this makes their shifts more attractive to other hygienists on the app!

     5. Rely on the Reliable!

  • If you have worked with a particularly outstanding hygienist connected to your office through TempMee; consider calling/texting us letting us know you wish to have a specific hygienist work one shift or multiple shifts. Hygienists love to work multiple shifts in a row at offices that value and welcome them!

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