Dental Hygienist Responsibilities in Minnesota

If you’re interested in becoming a dental hygienist in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, knowing the core responsibilities of dental hygienists in Minnesota is crucial. This is your go-to resource for knowing the expected duties and responsibilities of Minnesota dental hygienists.

What Does a Dental Hygienist Do in Minnesota?

Dental hygienists play a vital role in improving and maintaining oral health, here’s a look into the main responsibilities of dental hygienists in Minnesota.

Assessing Oral Health: Dental hygienists conduct examinations of patients’ teeth and gums, finding issues such as cavities or gum disease. They also review medical history and update records with the latest findings and procedures conducted.

Preventative Care: Dental hygienists perform teeth cleanings to remove plaque and tartar. They also polish teeth to eliminate any stains, and apply sealants to protect teeth from decay and fluoride treatments to strengthen enamel.

Patient Education: Dental hygienists provide instruction on how to properly brush and floss. They also give dietary advice and educate patients on the effect that certain lifestyle habits can have on oral health.

Diagnostic Tests: Dental hygienists take and develop dental x-rays to diagnose conditions including cavities, bone loss, and other oral health issues. In addition, they perform oral cancer screenings to detect early warning signs of cancer and other abnormalities.

Community Outreach: Dental hygienists actively participates in health fairs and community events to promote oral health and provide educational resources on preventative care.

Becoming a dental hygienist in Minnesota offers you a rewarding opportunity to make an impact on the community. By understanding core responsibilities such as assessing oral health, providing preventative care, and educating patients, you can excel in this exciting and rewarding field.

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