Dental Assistant Responsibilities in Indiana

At GoTu, we believe in empowering dental professionals like you with the knowledge and opportunities to excel. Whether you’re just starting your career or want to brush up on your skills, we are here to help. Here’s a look into what you can expect to do as a dental assistant in Indiana.

Key Responsibilities of a Dental Assistant in Indiana

Patient Care and Comfort

One of the primary responsibilities of dental assistants is to make sure every patient feels comfortable and well-cared for. Ensuring every question is answered, and they feel comfortable before and after treatments.

Assisting the Dentist

Dental assistants are the right hand of the dentist. They prepare the treatment rooms, pass instruments, and help the dentist and hygienist during procedures. Assistants must be efficient, quick, and think ahead to keep things running smoothly.

Radiographic Procedures

The state of Indiana allows assistants with proper certifications and education to take dental X-rays. If a dental assistant has the proper certifications, you’ll prepare patients and take X-rays for diagnostic purposes.

Sterilization and Infection Control

Maintaining a clean and sterile environment is a key responsibility for any dental professional. Dental assistants are responsible for sterilizing dental instruments and making sure regulations and guidelines are followed. This ensures patient safety and compliance.

Administrative Duties

Dental assistants have a variety of administrative responsibilities including appointment scheduling and managing patient records. This ensures that the office continues to run smoothly and effectively.

Being a dental assistant comes with a variety of responsibilities to ensure that the office runs smoothly and patients receive top-quality care.

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